Thursday, November 17, 2011

LilyPondTool prerelease available

The long awaited 2.14 release of LilyPondTool is now available for download from

Unzip to your jEdit settings directory (e.g. c:\documents and settings\YOU\.jedit)

The most important new features are:
- completely rewritten parser (best used with "Parse on keystroke" - See Plugins > Plugin Options > SideKick) (the new parser is created using flex and bison so very closely mirrors the actual lilypond parser)
- instant compile - LilyPond will be called to compile your file in the background while you are working, and the PDF preview is updated automatically
- compile on save
- a lot of bugfixes

This release should be available from jEdit plugin repository in 1-2 weeks - I'm waiting for bugreports until that :)




  1. Hi,

    Perhaps this is the wrong forum for this, but I just reinstalled the latest versions of Java, jEdit and now this version of Lilypondtool, and cannot get it to work. I have unzipped the file to .jEdit as instructed, but when I go to the Plugin Manager to install it, the Lilypond line is red, and the rightmost column says "0 bytes". Any idea what could be wrong? Or could you direct me to a helpful source?

    Thank you and sorry to be a pain,


  2. I answered on lilypond-user as well.
    As this is just a prerelease, you need some other plugins to be installed first -> install them from the plugin manager:
    ErrorList, SideKick, Console, Templates, ProjectViewer, Jakarta Commons, Gnu Regexp

  3. I just want to say thank you for the hours, months and years you've dedicated to this. I couldn't have even started LilyPond without LiliyPond Tool....really...thank you.

  4. Dear Bert,

    First of all: thank you very much for LilyPondTool! It really is great and saves me lots of time. Just out of curiosity, at what rate (or how) does this new instant-compile feature work?

    And maybe the following is a bug: somehow after installing the latest version, the handy point-and-click feature doesn't work anymore. Any idea what might cause this? Thank you!

    Kind regards,

  5. Hi Gagi,
    the instant-compile feature works if the PDF preview pane is visible and it compiles when jEdit parses the file. Parsing happens on buffer save, buffer change and even on every keystroke if you set that in Plugin Options > SideKick
    The point and click still should work if the PDF contains the point-and-click information. Also there can be problems with accented letters in file names.

  6. Thank you for your quick reply (and very useful answer), the problem was indeed the filename: changed it from Name[A].ly to Good to know :)


  7. Many thanks from me as well for your contribution to LilyPond with LilyPondTool. I am no programmer, so perhaps this suggestion is misplaced, but here goes.

    I've noticed that when using the LilyPondTool Document Wizard feature that checking the "Set tempo" box and leaving the the "Typeset tempo mark on score" box unchecked (on the "Other Settings" page) generates the statement:

    \override Score.MetronomeMark #'stencil = ##f

    This results in a programming error in the console when compiling output:

    Preprocessing graphical objects...
    programming error: cannot align on self: empty element
    continuing, cross fingers
    programming error: cannot align on self: empty element
    continuing, cross fingers

    The LilyPond Learning Manual explains why this occurs:

    It also suggests this as one preferred way of hiding the metronome mark:

    \override Score.MetronomeMark #'stencil = #point-stencil

    At least, this solution worked for me.

    Thanks again, and I am still interested in knowing when the LilyPondTool plugin will be available from within jEdit.

    Best Wishes, and if I don't hear from you before then, and if you find it applies to you, have a Merry Christmas!

  8. Hi,

    LilyPondTool is very cool, thank you !
    But what happens now ? It was November 2011 when you told us : "This release should be available from jEdit plugin repository in 1-2 weeks".... and now it's July 2012 and still nothing new in the plugin repository....