About LilyPondTool

LilyPondTool is the most sophisticated text-based development environment for LilyPond, implemented as a plugin for JEdit, and runs on all operating systems that support Java 5, like Windows, Linux and Mac OS X (from Tiger).
It helps making LilyPond scores a lot easier.


LilyPondTool has the following features (among others):
  • Document Wizard with lyrics support to set up documents easier
  • Point-and-click support
  • Structure browser with code folding
  • Simple parser for finding simple errors
  • Convenient running of LilyPond and related tools
  • Automatic code completion for typing commands and tweaking properties
  • Automatic hyphenation of lyrics using OpenOffice dictionaries
  • Tools for macro and template writing


You can provide us feedback using the Forums and Trackers of Sourceforge, here.
Before reporting a bug or issue, please look at the Known issues first.
We also have a mailing list. You can subscribe or view the archives here.