Monday, October 10, 2011

Good news

Parser problem: solved. At least it seems to be. The Java output of Bison looks good, works well so far, and is much better in error reporting thatn cup. So I'm at full speed to migrate existing functionality to the new parser.


  1. Is the new version available through the jEdit plugins manager?

  2. Will we available really soon, as I have only 17 false alarms from the parser when parsing more than 2200 files.
    If I eliminated most of them, I'll fix the broken stuff (which depended on the old parser), and then release it as a preview to download from here.
    If early adopters reports no problems, then I release it in the jEdit plugin manager along with the Julie plugin, which is a Scheme interpreter used by LilyPondTool, but can be used for learning Scheme programming as well.