Friday, January 14, 2011

ANN: New LilyPondTool version available for testing

I deployed a new version (2.12.932) of LilyPondTool for testing.
Just drop to your .jedit/jars directory (inside your home folder like c:\Documents and Settings\John\.jedit\jars).

It still supports the latest stable LilyPond, 2.12, but as soon as LilyPond 2.14 stable is released I will release a new version of LilyPondTool (also in jEdit plugin repository).

The most important new features of this LilyPondTool release are the following:

- better context-sensitive completion

- musicglyph preview

- template manager with context sensitive completion and BeanShell, Velocity support

- preview in wizard

- customizable background for the PDF preview

- help in context menu

- localization manager

- compile without saving


  1. I can not find the hyphenation command anymore where it used to be. Am I missing something?

  2. I have no idea why I removed that from the menu...
    You can run the action as a Temporary Macro.


  3. Could we have it back in the menu, please?

  4. Akkor most ez olyan, mint a Frescobaldi, de mégsem az?

  5. Igen. Ez ahhoz hasonlít, de például fut Windowson és Mac OS-en is, meg Linuxon. Meg van néhány egyedi tulajdonsága, pl. bekeretezi a PDF nézőben azt a hangot, amin a kurzor van.

  6. Próbáltam indítani, de a manifest gondja miatt nem ment. Ez a test verzió is a Jedit alatti plugin formában működik? Egyébként megelégszem a Frescobaldival. :)

  7. Jedit plugin, persze, nem lehet csak úgy elindítani. Dobd be a fájlt a .jedit/jars könyvtárba (pl. c:\Documents and Settings\John\.jedit\jars).

  8. Yeah, I need some time to upgrade, test and release.

  9. I installed and use your current version, it looks pretty stable to me.... What worries me a bit though is Jedit, looks like it is not maintained anymore.....Hope that this fabulous editor survives

  10. I tried installing and it had 10 errors:

    Used Lilypond 2.14-2.1.mwing

    jedit seems to run but I don't know if my java is current.

    And BTW you promised to update Lilytool when 2.14 was released. So you've got some work to do real soon.

  11. Until the 2.14 update for jEdit 4.4 arrives (when?) I guess you'll have to stick to jEdit 4.3 together with the current lilypondtool. Shouldn't this valuable tool (and it's dependency jEdit) be adopted by an active community to keep it alive? Any ideas anyone, suggestions? Being a java developer and lilypond user I could also cooperate.

  12. I know I have to do this, just don't yet have time for it. Will eventually happen for sure.

  13. Dear Berty, are you the sole developer of this tool? If so, would you be interested in forming a group of committers supported by an environment with version control, maven, jenkins and the like?
    I can setup such an environment in no time if you want.

  14. Practically I am, but I used to get some contribution from various nice people.
    The project is at
    I'm happy to give you commit rights if you can contribute.